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28. jūlijs, 2017

Robots. Do they will take our jobs in future?

Question we get asked most often nowadays is do robots will take our jobs? Many youngsters from different parts of the world, came together in Brussels and discussed this question and we have three main statements that we all agreed on.

First of all, there will always be necessity to have human around robots, because something can go wrong. Almost always robots are not trustable to work on their own, except automated jobs (few movements in operation). Also in automated jobs there can be some issue with the robot and human will have to fix it. In case when robot is making long operation like detecting bomb or operation on human, there have to be person who controls process, because something go wrong or there can be different issues along the way.

Secondly, there is no such option that robots will transfer any emotions. They will have basic functions, but with that you can't replace communication with real people. They can't replace such professions as waitress, baristas etc., because these professions are mainly based on communication and showing emotions in playful way while helping people out to succeed with their needs.

Thirdly, there will be always need for the jobs that require creative and critical or any type of thinking, because robots are not capable of doing that. Scientists, entrepreneurs, content creators, are those professions who can worry at least. Robots are made to do programmed functions and they are not capable of thinking process as humans are. Robots are made by humans that means in case robots take our jobs, it will our responsibility to make new robots.

In conclusion we all have one point of view that robots can't replace thinking process and can't transfer emotions. They can be useful by doing automated stuff that does not require much movements in operation. As well, robots can be useful by doing dangerous stuff, but in both cases it requires human who assist the robot. Robots can't take our jobs completely, because it is impossible. There is no such thing as artificial intelligence that can operate as human being. Despite that fact, there will be always necessity for smart, educated people.


Dāvids Tomass Pavlovs

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